Villas in Thailand

One of the most attractive places for many foreign holiday makers is Thailand. It has incredibly strong weather during both the summer and winter seasons, so if you are a fan of strong sun and sandy white beaches, or you are someone who loves tropical storms, then Thailand is a great place for many to call their second home. As a holiday destination throughout the year, it is one of the most tropical to those who live in more mild climates.

What really makes Thailand amazing are the multiple beaches around the country and the islands surrounding Thailand. There are a lot of islands that are associated to Thailand around the country, and many of them have become famous holiday destinations. However, due to the economy in Thailand being so shrunk within the last 100 years and how cheap it is to purchase land in Thailand, it has become a famous destination to build homes within the shorelines of beaches in the location.

One of the other aspects that make Thailand such a great place to build your own holiday home is the restrictiveness to allow purchasing land to begin with. It must be purchased through someone who is Thai or can be done through a company that needs majority ownership of the home itself. This is where it has become a business to purchase homes for foreigners, and take either a flat fee upfront as payment, or partial fees for the renting of said holiday homes.

So, you can now see amazing Thai homes (or modern homes depending on the original influence) built around Thailand and the islands there. What makes this situation so strange is that many of these holiday homes are built in locations that surround the poorest of the citizens. While the homes are amazing there is a strange moral effect.

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